Optimization Services

SHAYGAN Telecom optimization team has experience of working in several optimization projects with different vendors. Their experience encompass pre launch and post launch optimization in NSN, ZTE, Huawei & Ericsson networks. We have senior optimization engineers having qualification to optimize and fine tune cellular networks to meet final KPI and performance targets.

  • Analyzing KPIs to find out network or site problems
  • Analyzing log files and layer3 messages to find out network or site problems that can stem from coverage or quality issues or needs parameter tuning to resolve.
  • Using dump files to find current parameter setting of network
  • Identifying proper solutions to improve site performance based on existing configuration or parameter setting. The solutions can be changing physical parameters like tilt or Azimuth or changing BSS parameters.
  • Evaluating solutions as per their efficiency
  • Implementing selected solution
  • Monitoring site performance after implementing the solution to see its effectiveness to tackle the issue.